IEEE International Conference on E-health Networking, Application & Services
12-15 December 2020 // Hybrid Conference


Registration Fees

At Healthcom 2020 we are honored to share the valuable content you are presenting with the ComSoc community in a hybrid format, allowing registrants the choice to attend the event virtually or in-person. This new format is an exciting new adventure for ComSoc but comes with the challenge of supporting the additional costs needed to provide a valuable experience for all attendees. 

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Below, please find the fee structure for the event:

Deadline for Author Registration: Sunday, 25 October 2020

  Category Price (USD)
Full ComSoc member - Advance (author remote) 536
Full IEEE member - Advance (author remote) 576
Full Non-member - Advance (author remote) 736
Full ComSoc member - Advance (In person Author or Non Author) 670
Full IEEE member - Advance (In person Author or Non-Author) 720
Full Non-member - Advance (In person Author or Non-Author) 920
Full ComSoc member - Advance (Non-author remote) 100
Full IEEE member - Advance (Non-author remote) 150
Full Non-member - Advance (Non-author remote) 350
Full ComSoc member - Late (In person) 750
Full IEEE member - Late (In person) 810
Full Non-member - Late (In person) 1050
Full ComSoc member - Late (Remote) 120
Full IEEE member - Late (Rremote) 180
Full Non-member - Late (Rremote) 420
One Day ComSoc member - Advance 90
One Day IEEE member - Advance 100
One Day Non-member - Advance 110
One Day ComSoc member - Late 140
One Day IEEE member - Late 150
One Day Non-member - Late 160
Students ComSoc member - Advance (author remote) 268
Students IEEE member - Advance (author remote) 288
Students Non-member - Advance(author remote) 368
Students ComSoc member - Advance (in person Author or Non Author) 335
Students IEEE member - Advance (in person Author or Non Author) 360
Students Non-member - Advance(in person Author or Non Author) 460
Students ComSoc member - Advance (non author remote) 50
Students IEEE member - Advance (non author remote) 75
Students Non-member - Advance (non author remote) 175
Students ComSoc member - Late (in person) 375
Students IEEE member - Late (in person) 405
Students Non-member - Late (in person) 525
Students ComSoc member - Late (remote) 60
Students IEEE member - Late (remote) 90
Students Non-member - Late (remote) 210
Life member Advance 335
Life member Late 360
Workshops (Full Fee) Full Day Advance 350



  • To be published in the IEEE Healthcom 2020 Conference Proceedings and to be eligible for publication in IEEE Xplore, at least one author of an accepted paper is required to register for the conference at the FULL (member or non-member) rate. 
  • One FULL REGISTRATION allows the author to upload up to three (3) papers on which he/she is an author or co-author. A “paper upload code” will be sent separately to the registered author. Sharing of the paper upload code is strictly prohibited. The deadline for author registration is 15 October 2020.